Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Q: What is included in Corporate Housing?

    A: Prices includes a fully furnished property which means all necessary furniture, a stocked kitchen, all bedding, and television. Click here for more details or give us a call at 410.271.1311.
  • 2. Q: What types of properties do you represent?

    A: We represent privately owned properties to give our guests a more unique experience. We have one to five bedrooms that included cottages, condos, townhomes and single-family homes. We have properties in town, out of town and on the water.
  • 3. Q: Can you hold a place before I apply?

    A: We cannot guarantee the availability of any property day to day as things can get booked quickly so it is best to apply as soon as you know you can commit to a property.
  • 4. Q: How old do you have to be to apply?

    A: 21 years or older.
  • 5. Q: Is the deposit refundable?

    A: Absolutely assuming there are no damages. Upon move in, you will be given a Pre-Existing conditions form to complete and return to us. Upon departure, an inspection of the property will be done by our team (and you if you want to be present) and we will inform you if there are any concerns. If all is well, we like try to get the Security Deposits returned within 14 days, although Maryland Law allows for up to 45 days.
  • 6. Q: You have a property I want to rent. How do I apply?

    A: You may contact us directly by phone or email or use the Apply Online Button in the upper right corner of the home page or click here. You can also pay online by check or credit card.
  • 7. Q: How do I pay rent?

    A: You may pay in person each month, send a check or pay via credit card through your online tenant portal.
  • 8. Q: Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?

    A: This is a great question. If you have any maintenance issues feel free to contact us. For minor things like light bulb replacements, we ask you to take care of that. If any repair is the responsiblity of the owner, the owner takes care of payment. If any repair is the responsiblity of the tenant, the tenant will take care of payment. For example, if the garbage disposal stopped working, we will send our handyman out to repair it. If it is found that the garbage disposal is old and leaking, the owner will pay for the repair. If we find out that the garbage disposal has been clogged by something that shouldn’t have been put in there, the tenant will be responsible for payment.
  • 9. Q: Who takes care of lawn maintenance and snow removal?

    A: If you move in to a property which is part of a homeowners association such as a condo or townhome, the community normally pays for lawn maintenance and snow removal. However, if the property is a single family home or fenced back yard townhome, it will be your responsibility to mow the lawn and to remove snow. Any implements needed by you will be part of the furnishings list for you to use.
  • 10. Q: What If I have an emergency?

    A: We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Emergencies are things like Fire, Flood or no heat. All other calls should be held until the next morning. In the unlikely event that you have an emergency and the home is deemed unlivable, we will do everything possible to find a replacement property or you have the option to go to a hotel. You will not be charged rent if the temporary home is deemed inhabitable.